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ACT Repair Asset Management

Warranty & Asset Savings Program

My Repairs

'My Repairs' is a secure customer site where ACT customers can access their repair activity to review past and current repairs, as well as associated documents.

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Warranty & Asset Savings Program

Many manufacturing organizations in today’s fast-paced and lean manufacturing environment lack the internal resources and time to effectively manage spare parts repair and warranty activity. These are needed to optimize the useful life and cost-savings associated with these critical assets. Current skilled labor shortages and lack of technical experience compound the situation. ACT’s Repair & Warranty Partnership provides your organization the experience, personnel and proven tools to successfully manage these assets.

ACT’s partnership continually evaluates cost drivers, captures warranties, facilitates continuous improvements, improves reliability and at the end of the day, our partners maximize machine up-time and save money. As an ACT partner, you also benefit from our expertise in Predictive and Preventative Maintenance services / technologies. You will have access to a vast array of spare parts sources for those unique part needs, as well as resources to assist with liquidating excess inventory and decommissioned equipment. The following is an overview of the partnership options available with ACT:

Full-time On-site Repair & Warranty Management Services

Key Features

Off-site Repair & Warranty Management Services

ACT provides a secure, web-based customer portal ('My Repairs') to provide direct access into ACT's repair management database. This provides Storeroom personnel and/or Maintenance the tools to process repair activity through ACT. In addition, 'My Repairs' provides all stakeholders an avenue to access real-time work-in-progress activity, as well as search / query functions to obtain historic repair and / or warranty information and archived documents.

Key Features

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